The Student Health Guide

College and Uni life can take its toll on some!

Whether you’re busy partying or cramming for exams, it’s easy to forget about the importance of your health when there are a thousand more exciting things on your mind.

All too often it’s only when you’re run down with fresher’s flu, or you start discovering strange things happening down below, that you start to get a bit concerned – naturally remedying the problem by adding some frozen vegetables to your weekly shop.

But sadly you can’t fight off everything with a few greens, so we have compiled some top student health info to help keep you tip-top.

Common health issues

student_health_adviceAdvice on general health, sexual health and travel health issues that affect students.


Common health issues

Ask the doctor

student-doctorsView previous health questions and answers, and ask your own question.


Questions for the doctor

Student health centres

student health centresMost universities have excellent dedicated student health centres – so why not take advantage of them!


Student health centres

student health issues
Make sure your socialising time doesn’t involve just pubs ‘n’ clubs!

Recent Updates

Advice, health tips and general chit-chat aimed at common issues encountered by students.

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student health issues